White Paper: Select the Right Blower and Drive More Into Your Product Designs...

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  • The right blower can drive higher quality, greater efficiency and optimal performance into your product designs.

  • Yet, selecting the appropriate air-moving device can be a challenge.

  • By understanding air flow, you'll choose the best blower for your applications.

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Why partner with AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions? Watch the video and find out. 

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Differentiate Your Products

By partnering with AMETEK DFS, you can differentiate your products by designing in the highest quality blowers, motors and pumps that provide longer life, higher efficiency, lower noise and less vibration than competitive brands.  

Our trusted brands -- Lamb®, Prestolite Motors™, Nautilair®, Windjammer® and ROTRON® -- have been in the industry for decades and can meet your needs whether you are looking for. . .  

Brushed motors ideal for
vacuum applications

3.2 Prestolite Motors - CPM Family
Prestolite Motors™
Brushed drive motors used in hydraulic power packs, winches, traction drive motors and etc.

Nautilair transparent

Brushless blowers designed for combustion and other applications

Windjammer Pro (1)

Brushless blowers perfect for
vacuum and pressure applications


Brushless, sealless pumps & brushless DC motors for transportation equipment

regen high res transparent

Regenerative blowers perfect for industrial, environmental or chemical processing systems

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Customize your fluid-moving solutions

By partnering with AMETEK DFS, you can also customize air and other fluid moving solutions for your products, gaining even more differentiation.  You’ll work side by side with DFS engineers who know the dynamics of fluid, hold multiple patents, and have hundreds of years of cumulative experience. 

Save Time (and Money) Building Products

AMETEK DFS helps customers save time building products by expediting performance tests, prototyping and agency certifications, including UL, CSA, and CCC through its state-of-the-art engineering laboratory.  Since you’re saving time… you’ll also be saving money.   

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gain global insights and access to
worldwide manufacturing facilities

AMETEK DFS brings global insights to the table because the company operates internationally with worldwide research facilities and sales representation. Additionally, you will gain access to manufacturing production in the United States, Mexico and China for better lead times and customer support.dreamstime_m_119875586-removebg-preview


For more than 100 years, AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions (DFS) has helped OEMs differentiate their products by developing robust, flexible and durable blowers, motors and pumps under the brand names – Lamb®, Prestolite Motors™, Windjammer®, Nautilair®, ROTRON® regenerative blowers and ROTRON® transportation pumps, motors and blowers.

Our engineering experts understand technical challenges and can provide OEMs so much more than an off-the-shelf part. We are a true technology partner, offering customizable and collaborative air and other fluid-moving solutions.

AMETEK DFS has worldwide sales representative support, research facilities and three manufacturing sites in the United States, China and Mexico. The company is headquartered in Kent, OH, which is also home to a state-of-the-art-engineering laboratory that helps customers expedite agency certifications, performance testing, prototyping and more.